3GC: Architecturing Simplified Converged Networks

3GC: Architecturing Simplified Converged Networks

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Henry Park, Founder & CEO, 3GCHenry Park, Founder & CEO
Today’s network vendors and manufacturers are competing for real estate space in your IT in-frastructure. Myopically looking at one manufacturer will lead to subpar performance while having too many manufacturers in your network will lead to under-utilized and over spec’d networks filled with overlaps of features and functions. The key to a successful optimized network lies in holistically designing the IT infrastructure around your systems and operations workflows with a consulting team who is up to date with the latest trends in technology and best in class solutions for network functions. Inadequate recommendations and guidance in converging network systems have always posed challenges to the players in the industry witnessing business consolidations. Employing best in class technologies, 3GC Group addresses the challenges faced in converging network systems with expert engineers having an in-depth knowledge of virtualization, network switching, routing, security and storage infrastructure. The company believes in cross training its engineers on multiple platforms and allows engineers to gain two additional skill sets along with their primary engineering certification, creating a value add they call E3.

3GC Group provides a wide range of services including system design, implementation, integration, and management services. With expertise in Core Network Infrastructure, Unified Communications and Converged Electronic Physical Security (CEPS), 3GC delivers a complete end to end solution. The company focuses heavily on client operations, their workflows, and the data flows of the organization. After developing a profound understanding of these details, 3GC designs its solutions optimizing around the client’s workflows. Henry Park, CEO of 3GC Group, states “Above the technology and product expertise, our main focus is on our services because at the end of the day, what we really sell is our engineering and consulting.”

Starting off well over a decade ago with designing and implementing networks for calling card companies and global carriers to leverage VoIP traffic into their services, 3GC went ahead to provide solutions to the commercial business sector.

3GC has a strong focus on the client operations, their workflows and the data flows of the organization

With clients from SMBs, mid-enterprise, and large international multi-site organizations, 3GC has evolved to 45 specialized employees with locations in Pleasanton, Los Angeles, New York, Seoul – South Korea, and Tokyo – Japan servicing clients domestically and globally. Today, the company extends its services in LAN, WAN, carrier design, firewall, Wi-Fi, UC, and core networking infrastructure across the world.

Companies onboard new technologies without envisioning the impact on existing infrastructure, creating inefficiencies along the way. 3GC Group simplifies the networks they design by unraveling the semis-designs and mis-steps first before adding new technologies or upgrading existing platforms. “It is because of our E3 practices that we are able to handle these issues efficiently,” remarks Park. The company has a proven track record easing network convergence challenges, for instance, Bunim/Murray Productions–a leading production house growing at a rapid pace– involved 3GC Group to redesign their network, consolidating three different building sites into one. Post production, a critical part of business operations, was set up on a separate network. The challenges for 3GC was to bridge two different core networks together and layer multiple services on the local area network while securing the wide area network to protect the high demand media content. 3GC was able to assess and deliver an easy to manage infrastructure by focusing on the workflows. “The high tech campus build out in Glendale was an incredibly complex project as we had to move and integrate numerous interdependent technologies. 3GC’s team partnered with my in-house team to build out detailed plans to stamp out project and technical risk,” exclaims Gabe Cortina, VP of Technology Bunim/Murray Productions. “They executed flawlessly. Because of the interdependent technologies, 3GC needed to perform with high levels of collaboration between the various vendors – and they did in a very professional manner with no finger pointing! Their engineers, being cross-trained in multiple disciplines, delivered with a third of the cost of the typical solution provider.”

Park anticipates the continued growth of converging technology platforms and believes multi-disciplined engineering to be the key for success. 3GC intends to strengthen its position delivering network architecture and network redesign in California. It also focuses on trending hyperconverged networking, Artificial Intelligence driven network security and Software Defined WAN solutions.
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Henry Park, Founder & CEO

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